World Metrology Day 2021

May 20, 2021

QTS Celebrates

World Metrology Day 2021

Meet Our Inspector

Meet QTS Quality Inspector, Kevin Thompson. Kevin has spent 12 years with us, working matching, quality, and inspection roles, and helping QTS ensure every part and project meets the high standard our customers expect. Kevin works meticulously with our Faro Arm CMM, providing detailed inspection reports and making shim adjustments as needed to make fixtures fully in spec prior to shipment to your facility. Kevin does an excellent job maintaining his, and QTS’, elite standards for fixtures so we can ensure full, correct functionality when it leaves our shop and enters yours.

The Importance of Inspection

At QTS we understand the production needs to have consistent parts checked and verified in line after welding, machining and other manufacturing operations. Controlling your process is critical to manufacturing accurate parts and assemblies, and inspection fixtures and gauging can play a major role in assuring your parts are being manufactured accurately. It also provides a great solution to the constraints of having parts inspected off line, giving your machine operators the ability to ensure every part they are producing is accurate as they produce them, not after the fact when it’s too late.

From a simple functional gauge, to complex dimensional gauging and SPC, we not only understand the requirements of the tooling; we have the experience required to understand the intricacies and countless variables in the manufacturing process.


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