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Weld Fixtures

Designing and building weld fixtures is the pinnacle of what we do. Our business model is structured specifically to design and build weld fixtures.

Robotic EoAT & Pallets

Having a tooling supplier that understands the scope of the projects and has the ability to communicate the necessary details is critical to a successful project.

Economy Fixtures

With product life cycles getting shorter and tooling being amortized over less parts, the need for economical tooling has grown significantly.

Machining Fixtures

Having an in-depth understanding of machining is critical when designing and building machining fixtures.

Inspection Fixtures

Controlling your process is critical to manufacturing accurate parts and assemblies, and inspection fixtures and gauging can play a major role.

Weld Peripherals

Having the ability to design and build special machines and peripheral tooling requires multiple skill sets, including in-depth knowledge of a variety of systems.

Our Uniques

What Makes QTS Different

We realize you may have other suppliers building your tooling, and we are just one of several companies trying to earn your business.  So why give QTS an opportunity to build a relationship?  We feel we have three unique characteristics that we bring to the table.

All this equates to an overall Lower Total Cost: Our tooling makes you money by giving you shorter lead-times, less production scrap and quality issues, more throughput in manufacturing, and a tool that lasts your complete product lifecycle; keeping your production line up and running.

High Touch

We respond to ALL inquiries within 24 hours and provide weekly project status updates to every client. No more wondering how your project is progressing or whether it will appear on your loading dock on-time and in-scope.

High Turn

We ensure that your projects are delivered faster and your overall time to market is shortened using a variety of robust systems and our proven "high-velocity" process.

High Talent

Our high talent staff leverage their industry experience to create innovative solutions to your complex tooling and manufacturing problems.

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