Custom fixtures designed
& built to work like they should.

Our proven process lets
nothing slip through the cracks.

No matter your request, you can expect we’ll:


Discover the project scope and define the details together.

Once we both agree we’re a good match, our highly experienced designers & project managers brainstorm, create concepts, and refine the details until the best solution is found. Then we’ll put together a formal quote for your review.

    STEP 2

    Create a clear roadmap.

    During a kickoff meeting with all the main stakeholders, we’ll get everyone on the same page regarding design requirements, purchased component requirements, project timeline, and more.

    STEP 3

    Generate a robust design concept.

    Our designers will create a 3D model of the fixture concept in Solidworks or Creo. The process of review, feedback, and modification will go through as many iterations as needed until the best design is agreed upon.

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    STEP 4

    Schedule the project and address every constraint.

    First, we work backwards from the required ship date to map out the entire process of the project, including a timeline with milestones for purchases and external stakeholders. From there, we create a forward looking schedule defining every dependent event. This allows us to have full visibility to address any constraints before they become issues that can compromise the project timeline.

    STEP 5

    Get the job done right.

    During build and assembly, every detail is tracked in real time. We streamline the manufacturing process by incorporating quality at the source; our manufacturing team meets every morning to assess progress, answer questions between departments, and address anything that could compromise hitting the project milestones.

    Our custom-built systems give visibility by project, by individual machine or process, or as a snapshot of the entire process.

    STEP 6

    Triple check that it works like it should.

    To confirm it’s ready for full production, we check the fixture’s dimensional accuracy with our Faro arm, and test its function by performing a run-off. During that process, we provide full support, including certified welders, QA equipment, and cranes up to 10-tons.

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    Complete the form and we’ll answer your question via email or schedule a time to talk.


    Don’t take our word for it —

    Check out a few testimonials from our current customers:

    We have developed a long-term relationship with many proven successful projects. Your willingness to take on projects that are not always fully defined and work together to fill in missing pieces to deliver a high quality tool is fantastic.



    Your company is a one stop shop. From large weldments to small, machined tooling components, QTS covers all that is required to get our job done right.


    Agricultural Equipment

    Every experience I have had with you guys has been great and enjoyable. Especially the tooling run-off we just did. Your people made me feel very welcome and were there instantly if we needed anything. This made the run-off enjoyable and go extremely smoothly. I also like the responsiveness of your team as well. You all seem very knowledgeable and punctual when it comes to answering questions.


    Construction Equipment