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10 Questions to Ask Before You Build an Expensive fixture that doesn’t work

The last thing you want is a custom fixture that creates more problems than it solves. Before you commission work, ask these questions and protect your project.

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What most fail to ask.

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When you need custom fixturing, there are a lot of “can’ts.”


You can’t run to the closest big-box store to grab what you need.


You can’t verify it will work by scrolling through thousands of customer reviews.

You can’t afford to delay production by getting it wrong the first time around.

At Quality Tool Service, we hate to see engineers bogged down by the “can’ts.” With this guide, you can confidently order tooling that covers all your bases.

Engineers love how this helps them think through projects.

You can use this as your cheat sheet, too.

“We have developed a long-term relationship with many proven successful projects. Your willingness to take on projects that are not always fully defined and work together to fill in missing pieces to deliver a high quality tool is fantastic.”



“Your company is a one stop shop. From large weldments to small, machined tooling components, QTS covers all that is required to get our job done right.”


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“Every experience I have had with you guys has been great and enjoyable. Especially the tooling run-off we just did. Your people made me feel very welcome and were there instantly if we needed anything. This made the run-off enjoyable and go extremely smoothly. I also like the responsiveness of your team as well. You all seem very knowledgeable and punctual when it comes to answering questions.”


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There are plenty of “machine shops” out there that can make parts, but with the demands of high-tech manufacturing today, we believe tooling suppliers need to bring more to the table than the ability to machine metal. We believe our clients deserve a team of experts in the field with systems to manage projects, from concept to install.

That’s why, at Quality Tool Service, we don’t just provide widgets at a particular cost. Whether it’s a simple discussion about clamping styles or defining an entire manufacturing process, we think big picture, understand your requirements, and deliver on-time solutions that do what they’re supposed to do, for the long haul.

We hope you enjoy this guide, which will give you a leg up on your next project and a taste of our approach.