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Our Services

Quality Tool Service, Inc. specializes in designing and building custom weld fixtures and tooling for manufacturing and serves a wide variety of industries. While designing and building welding fixtures is the pinnacle of what we do, we also offer our design and build services for economy fixtures, inspection fixtures, machining fixtures, robotic EoAT, special machines, and more. 

Weld Peripherals

The team at Quality Tool Service has the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to address the need for installing your welding fixtures project into manual or robotic welding applications through the design and manufacture of custom backbones or picture frame fixture mounting and custom positioning equipment such as manual or automated trunnions.

Our team has the capabilities to commission these projects in house or on site. We provide PLC implementation, panel building, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly, full machining capabilities, and mechanical assembly all in-house, and we also have the ability to provide turn-key solutions to address specific manufacturing applications.

Our Services

A Solution For Every Need

Weld Fixtures

Designing and building weld fixtures is the pinnacle of what we do. Our business model is structured specifically to design and build weld fixtures.

Robotic EoAT & Pallets

Having a tooling supplier that understands the scope of the projects and has the ability to communicate the necessary details is critical to a successful project.

Economy Fixtures

With product life cycles getting shorter and tooling being amortized over less parts, the need for economical tooling has grown significantly.

Machining Fixtures

Having an in-depth understanding of machining is critical when designing and building machining fixtures.

Inspection Fixtures

Controlling your process is critical to manufacturing accurate parts and assemblies, and inspection fixtures and gauging can play a major role.

Weld Peripherals

Having the ability to design and build special machines requires multiple skill sets, including in-depth knowledge of a variety of systems.